Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Easy knitted purse pattern

This is my easy pattern for a knitted purse. This one is knitted in Rico baby DK and lined with a scrap of Cath Kidston fabric. The flower brooch embellishment was bought from a jumble sale for 20p. Hope you like it!

Abbreviations used:
KFB knit into front and back of stitch to increase
K2T knit 2 stitches together
CO cast on
BO bind (cast) off

CO 6 stitches
Next and every alternate row -purl
2 KFB around (12 stitches)
4( KFB K1) around 18 stitches
6(KFB K2) around 24 stitches
8(KFB K3) around 30 stitches
10 (KFB K4) around 36 stitches
Now work 11 rows in stocking (stockingette) stitch
22 (K2T K4) along
24 (K2T K3) along
26 (K2T K2) along
28 (K2T K1) along
30 (K2T) along
32 BO
Done! Now make another exactly the same.

Choose your lining material and cut out 2 circles the same size or slightly larger than your knitting. Bear in mind that your circles of knitting arent flat and your lining needs to be big enough to create a sort of pouch when attached.
Slip stitch the lining to the knitting, then one at a time glue or sititch to the purse frame. There is a useful tutorial on this at
When it is dry you can mattress stitch the 2 pieces around and add your favourite kitschy decorations.


  1. I am so doing this, thanks so much for sharing it. I want to make these for christmas gifts. again great tut and pattern.

  2. Thank you thank you I don't know much about knitting but I am going to give it a try perfect for Christmas gifts!

  3. Do you think it's to much to ask for a video tutorial? Please please !

  4. What size needles did you use?